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Paris Can Wait
“Eleanor Coppola serves up a sweet little divertissement with Paris Can Wait, a charming travelogue/food-a-thon about two acquaintances on a two-day road trip from Cannes to Paris.
June 9-22 - Original Princess
“Whirling and busy with incident, Paula captures the intensity of German painter Paula Modersohn-Becker’s life, with its artistic escapes to Paris, flirtations with hedonism and belated sexual awakening.
June 15-20 - Original Princess
Alive and Kicking
Hep Cat Swing will be showing off their moves at both screenings. Don't miss it! “With its acrobatic zest, swing dancing was a perfect expression of defiant resilience during the Great Depression. For contemporary enthusiasts, it’s an antidote to the emotional disconnect of the so-...
June 9 & 10 - Original Princess
The Last Dogs of Winter
“For the past 40 years, in a remote and harshly beautiful corner of northern Manitoba, Brian Ladoon has devoted his life to preserving and breeding an endangered species: the Qimmiq, Canada’s indigenous Eskimo dog.
June 4 - Original Princess
David Lynch: The Art of Life
“David Lynch: The Art Life is fascinating on at least two levels.
June 6 & 7 - Original Princess
Mulholland Drive
“Mulholland Drive is as brilliant and disquieting as anything Lynch has ever done. It is psychotically lucid, oppressively strange, but with a powerfully erotic and humanly intimate dimension that Lynch never quite achieved elsewhere. It is a fantasia of illusion and identity; a meditation on...
June 8 - Original Princess
The Artist’s Garden: American Impressionism
“The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree with this latest film from Exhibition on Screen, the long-running series of gallery films. The Artist’s Garden: American Impressionism follows releases from the company that draw on horticulture and impressionism such as Painting the...
June 13 & 14 - Original Princess
Saturday Night Fever
If you were not around in late 1977, you may not fully appreciate the seismic wave that SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER sent through the world.
June 21 - Original Princess
The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki
“It’s 1962 and Mäki (Jarrko Lahti) is a sweetly diffident everyman who’s recently fallen for Raija (Oona Airola) as the bout approaches, something trainer/manager Elis finds very inconvenient indeed.
June 15-17 - Original Princess
Lou Andreas-Salomé
A new film by Cordula Kablitz-Post looks at one of Europe’s most influential intellectuals—and at her complicated life.
The Gardener
“The Gardener is a documentary reflecting on the meaning of gardening and its impact on our lives. Shortly before his passing at the age of 86, influential gardener and horticulturalist Frank Cabot recounts his personal quest for perfection at Les Quatre Vents, his 20-acre English style...
June 2-8 - Original Princess
Trails in Motion 5
Trails In Motion is an annual tour of short films about trail running and ultra running. The films represent the most exciting films of the year for and about trail runners, shot in some of the most spectacular locations on the planet.
June 1 - Original Princess
“They say everyone dies twice: once when they take their last breath, and again when their name is spoken aloud for the last time. The heartfelt and unshakable new documentary Obit, a profile of the Obituaries section at the New York Times, considers the people who have devoted their...
Opens June 22 - Original Princess
Looking for Infinity: El Camino
Every year, over 250,000 people walk the Camino de Santiago route in Spain as a source of spiritual growth and enlightenment, just as the pilgrims did centuries before. Looking for Infinity: El Camino takes a closer look at this ancient pilgrimage path and the immersive journey it takes to complete...
May 24 - 28, Twin
My Cousin Rachel
Adapted from Daphne Du Maurier's 1951 novel of the same name, My Cousin Rachel follows a young Englishman (Sam Claflin) as he plots revenge against his beautiful cousin (Rachel Weisz) for allegedly murdering his guardian. However, his plans are halted after he begins to fall under her spell.
June 9 - Twin
Hedda Gabler - National Theatre Live
“I’ve no talent for life.” Just married. Bored already. Hedda longs to be free. Hedda and Tesman have just returned from their honeymoon and the relationship is already in trouble. Trapped but determined, Hedda tries to control those around her, only to see her own world unravel.
May 28 & 30 - Twin
No Man's Land - National Theatre Live
Following their hit run on Broadway, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart return to the West End stage in Harold Pinter’s No Man's Land, broadcast live to cinemas from Wyndham’s Theatre, London. One summer's evening, two ageing writers, Hirst and Spooner, meet in a Hampstead pub and...
June 11 & 13 - Twin
Saint Joan - National Theatre Live
Gemma Arterton is Joan of Arc, broadcast live from the Donmar Warehouse. Bernard Shaw’s classic play follows the life and trial of a young country girl who declares a bloody mission to drive the English from France. As one of the first Protestants and nationalists, she threatens the very...
June 25 & 27 - Twin
The Stairs
Director in attendance for Q&A & panel discussion. Hugh Gibson's compassionate and profoundly affecting The Stairs takes us inside Toronto's Regent Park Community Health Centre, whose staff of social workers includes both former and current drug users.

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