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Monte Wright is a mixed media artist whose art work is shown internationally. His dimensional work has been shown in Florence, Italy, New York, U.S.A,. Lecce, Italy, London, England and Argentina. He is known for his murals that can be seen at the Kitchener Farmers market and at St. James United church, Kitchener, and Kaufman Mural, Kitchener. Ontario. View his art at



Jack MacAulay
March and April 2016

Earthwhile by Jack MacAulay

I've lived in Kitchener since 1965, and shortly fell in love with the lush southern Ontario landscape. My photographs are taken in all seasons, but I have a special interest in winter photography. My teachers and mentors Howard Bond, Stuart Nudelman, and Norman Rothschild have given me a lot of coaching, for which I am very grateful. Although photography is a medium based on technology, the important part of my background are the people.The arts community in Waterloo Region is a growing and vital one. My fellow photographers are not my competition; I see us as all being in this together.



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