"To watch Portman's every move is to not only watch history being recreated, but to also witness history being made." 4/4 stars - Globe & Mail

NOMINATED FOR 3 OSCARS, INCL. BEST ACTRESS. "She stares into the tiny mirror of the Air Force One bathroom, adjusting her pink pillbox hat and equally pink, double-breasted knockoff Chanel suit – a vision of carefully calculated grace, and a template for all First Ladies to follow. It is Nov. 22, 1963, and her husband’s presidential motorcade is about to make the journey into Dallas.

"This is how we find Jacqueline Kennedy in the opening moments of Jackie, the remarkable new drama from Chilean director Pablo Larrain. And this, too, is how we find Natalie Portman, whose starring turn in the film so frequently blurs the line between performance and total persona, between a shadow game and a fully realized resurrection of history.

"To watch Portman’s every move is to not only watch history being recreated, but to also witness history being made. No one will ever be able to touch this role again. Or, at least, no one should.

"Mercifully, this is no mere biopic. In Jackie, we only witness the woman just before or just after the death of her husband. By constantly shifting the narrative between her life pre- and post-assassination, Larrain builds up the dream of Camelot before tearing it down, over and over again."

"At one point in the film, Jackie wonders aloud, 'I lost track somewhere of what was real and what was performance.' After watching the bold, transfixing work of both Portman and Larrain, you will no doubt be left wondering the same thing." ★★★★ (4/4 stars) - Barry Hertz, Globe & Mail


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