Paris Can Wait

"If you’re longing for a delicious romantic romp to take your mind off the world going to hell in hand basket, Paris Can Wait is it. A two-day road trip that shimmers with so many enticing temptations you may want to lick the screen." - Rolling Stone

“Eleanor Coppola serves up a sweet little divertissement with Paris Can Wait, a charming travelogue/food-a-thon about two acquaintances on a two-day road trip from Cannes to Paris. Making several scenic and mouth-watering stops along the way, the light-hearted tale is underscored by the possibility of an adulterous romance between Diane Lane’s married character and Arnaud Viard’s ever-insinuating roué, but their main preoccupations are beautiful towns, fine local wines and fabulous meals.

“Coppola is best known for the exceptional documentary Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Journey, about her husband Francis Ford Coppola’s ordeal on Apocalypse Now. But this is her first feature, a “highly fictionalized” rendition of a trip she made some years back with a French friend of her husband.

“Lane is pleasure throughout; her Anne is knowledgeable about many things but curious to know more, even if she doesn’t show signs of being analytical or deeply questioning. Viard’s Jacques is a throwback to the classic French roué of yore, always insinuating a sexual subtext even if he knows his chances are slim.” - The Hollywood Reporter

Find out more about Sommelier Cinema's special screening of Paris Can Wait with wine! Presented by Opimian. Sneak preview, June 8th


Playing at Princess Original:

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