Showtime for Tulip Fever playing September 16th, 2017 at 4:10 PM - Princess Twin

"In the imaginative, enthralling and original Tulip Fever, 17th century Amsterdam comes to life with lavish sets, rapturous costumes, wonderful actors and the lush beauty of a Vermeer painting." - Rex Reed, New York Observer. Based on the international best-selling novel

"Amsterdam, 1634: a town gripped by tulip mania.

"The tulip had only recently been introduced to Europe, and quickly became a status symbol in the Netherlands. In what's widely considered the first instance of the 'speculator bubble' phenomenon, the prices for tulip bulbs soared — and eventually, inevitably, crashed.

"Director Justin Chadwick's film Tulip Fever, like the best-selling 1999 novel by Deborah Moggach on which it's based, is set during this period... [ return to movie page ]

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