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Meet the four year old conquering the Appalachian Trail

A captivating feature-length documentary that chronicles the remarkable journey of the Sutton family as they trek the entire Appalachian Trail, covering 2,193 miles of wilderness terrain with their 4-year-old son, Harvey Sutton, before he starts kindergarten.

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Playing at Princess Twin:

Scientists investigate the threat of microplastics in human bodies. Journalist visits labs and undergoes testing to find plastic in home, food and body.

Plastic People opening show with intro and Q&A!

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Four brave women set out to row across the Pacific Ocean from America to Australia.

Presented by Hamilton's breast cancer survivor dragon boat team KNOT A BREAST!

10% of ticket proceeds will go to supporting Knot A Breast team programs.

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After professional hitman Jef Costello is seen by witnesses his efforts to provide himself an alibi drive him further into a corner.

In a career-defining performance, Alain Delon plays Jef Costello, a contract killer with samurai instincts. After carrying out a flawlessly planned hit, Jef finds himself caught between a persistent police investigator and a ruthless employer, and not even his armor of fedora and trench coat can protect him.

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VOC Silent Film Harmonic and Playhouse Cinema present two films by Buster Keaton!

Sherlock Jr. (45min, 1924) A kindly movie projectionist (Buster Keaton) longs to be a detective. When his fiancée (Kathryn McGuire) is robbed by a local thief (Ward Crane), the poor projectionist is framed for the crime. Using his amateur detective skills, the projectionist follows the thief to the train station -- only to find himself locked in a train car.

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At a high-school senior prom, a masked killer stalks four teenagers who were responsible for the accidental death of a classmate six years previously.

“If you’re not back by midnight, you won’t be coming home!” So says the terrifying poster for Prom Night, Paul Lynch’s Canadian horror classic. The premise is deadly simple: An unknown killer seeks revenge on four teens for the accidental death of a classmate six years earlier — and with a knife this sharp, prom night just may be their last night.

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The story of how reggae icon Bob Marley overcame adversity, and the journey behind his revolutionary music.

BOB MARLEY: ONE LOVE celebrates the life and music of an icon who inspired generations through his message of love and unity. On the big screen for the first time, discover Bob's powerful story of overcoming adversity and the journey behind his revolutionary music.

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An elderly man reads to a woman with dementia the story of two young lovers whose romance is threatened by the difference in their respective social classes.

Do you love The Notebook as much as we do? Join us a special 20th Anniversary bring back to the big screen! 

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Join filmmaker Terrance Odette and cinema progammer Wendy Guymer-Tutt for a post-film discussion of Andrei Tarkovsky's Mirror!

Once of the most acclaimed films of all time, Mirror is Andrei Tarkovsky's non-linear meditation on memory, history, dreams, and life and culture in the Soviet Union. As a dying man in his forties recalls his childhood, his mother, and personal moments, his dreams begin to collide with the collective memories of the Soviet people.

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A conservation film about Purple Martins. Presented with Bird Friendly Hamilton and the Hamilton Naturalists Club

Presented with Bird Friendly Hamilton Burlington and the Hamilton Naturalists' Club.

Bruce Mackenzie, recipient of the J.R. Dymond Public Service Award from Ontario Nature for his work at the Grimsby Wetlands, will present a slideshow on the establishment of Purple Martin housing.

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