Sept. 22, 1:30 - Original. Special presentation by the Grand Philharmonic. Free admission for the Grand Philharmonic and their guests. To register, email

Please note: the time for this event is 1:30! An incorrect time was printed in the Original Princess Film Guide.

"When a show's pit band is the New York Philharmonic, you can expect something special, and that's what this all-star Candide delivers. It is a concert performance, without scenery but with costumes, makeup, a bit of dancing, and a lot of acting. Musically, it sounds like the best of all possible Candides.

"Taught in childhood to believe they live in 'the best of all possible worlds,' the young characters struggle to preserve their optimism through a harrowing sequence of war, famine, shipwreck, piracy, slavery, rape, and disease with a sparkle in their eyes and a tune on their lips, until, with difficulty, they finally reach a sense of reality.

"Candide spans the traditional division between opera and Broadway. The soloists, all headliners, are recruited from both worlds. Broadway is represented by Patti LuPone, who became a legend in Evita, and Tony award winner Kristin Chenoweth. Paul Groves and Stanford Olsen have distinguished operatic backgrounds. They all sing Leonard Bernstein's catchy tunes and the show's clever lyrics with gorgeous voices, a lot of acting skill and a witty, flippant response to Voltaire's cynical (or, rather, realistic) philosophy." --Joe McLellan

Please note: This event is a theatre rental and not presented by Princess Cinemas. Responsibility for this event, including the content of film, ticketing policies, etc, ultimately rests with the organizer.

Sun, Sep 22 2019 - 1:30pm

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