Ferron - Live On Stage

March 7th! The one-and-only FERRON returns to the Princess for one night only. One of Canada's all-time greatest folk musicians. Not to be missed! (Waterloo show is sold out.)

ADDED SHOW! Get tickets now for Ferron in HAMILTON, Sunday, March 8th at the beautifully restored Playhouse Cinema. Matinee show, 3pm on International Women's Day! Opening act, Kate Reid!

Canadian folk singer/songwriter and poet, Ferron is one of the world’s most influential writers and performers of women’s music.

The pioneering artist has inspired generations and is cited by everyone from Indigo Girls and Le Tigre to Ani Di Franco as an influence. Her exquisite lyricism would be compared by music critics to the likes of Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan. Albums such as Testimony (1980), Shadows on a Dime (1984) and Phantom Center (1990) all received 5-star ratings on allmusic.com.

Ferron has always showcased her fears, philosophies, desires, and hopes with the frankness of a close friend and the insight of a therapist. She illuminates human experience in a way that few artists are capable of. The weight, poise and gravity that she communicates with each word, each carefully enunciated phrase, is something to marvel at. The words she sings sound ancient, irrefutable and significant.

With 16 albums to her credit and a touring career spanning nearly four decades, the legendary singer-songwriter is a captivating performer. "Music is like a spiritual quest, it’s like looking for connection. We have our right work to do, and you find out our right work is only to be spiritually connected,” Ferron says.

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Sat, Mar 7 2020 - 7:30pm

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