if4 Fly Fishing Film Festival 2016

April 28, 7:30pm. Advance tickets on sale now via Eventbrite. IF4™ consists of short and feature length films produced by professional filmmakers from all corners of the globe, showcasing the passion, lifestyle and culture of fly-fishing. The films at this popular event are capturing the attention of anglers around the world. Co-sponsored by the KW Flyfishers.

This ALL-AGES Family event will be fully licensed for those who wish to enjoy a craft beer or wine with their if4 International Flyfishing Film Festival!

This year's films:

“Chasing Salty Dreams” – Official Selection Australian Leg, 2016

Film Overview: Chasing Salty Dreams is hard, fast, and full of energy. The film follows three fly anglers on their maiden voyage as they set off from Sydney and trek north to conquer the east coast of Australia, with their sights set on tropical north Queensland. After a few unsuccessful stops, they finally roll into Hinchenbrook, 2400km from their origin. The film unveils some of Australia's most exotic destinations and monster species. Chasing Salty Dreams is loaded with beautiful images, raw emotion and true passion. It's about the adventure and the endless chase for that feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction. There's nothing better than line burning action and heart stopping runs. A film by The Endless Session.



“Along The Way” – Official Selection, 2016

Film Overview: The film Along The Way presents the epic adventure of a cross Canada fly-fishing trip. From bush planes and remote camps in Northern Quebec, to the original Hooké van and tent combo on Atlantic rivers, and the RV cruise saga in British Columbia, the crew visited lots of places and experienced some incredible rivers. A film by Hooké.




“MTK” – Official Selection, 2016

Film Overview: Montauk. The epicenter of Fly Fishing in the north east, where run and gun is an understatement. Stripers, Albies, and Blues up top churning the Atlantic as they blitz. It's not for the faint of heart, and the action spawns an addiction that lasts a lifetime. A film by Mike Percelli and Thomas Nakasone.



"The Hog" - Official Selection, 2016

Film Overview: Some fly-fishing trips to pristine rivers can transport anglers to a place of serenity. The IF4 Original film The Hog does not highlight one of those trips. Featuring April Vokey and Marc Crapo, the two are about as different as trout and carp, but circumstances force them to meet at a remote lodge in Northern British Columbia. The outcome ends up being about as disastrous as any trip could be. An IF4 Original Film.




“The Pursuit” - Official Selection, 2016

Film Overview: Witness the relentless pursuit of giant muskie on the fly - the Pursuit, with Michael McNaught, Jay Newell, Chris Pfohl, and Kim Rood. Never before has there been so many trophy muskie captured on video being taken on a fly. Filmed on Ontario’s trophy muskie lakes, some of the best muskie country in the world. A film by Vantage Point Media House.




"Foundations" - Official Selection, 2016

Film Overview: Fly Fishing has the unique ability to connect people and facilitate the sharing of knowedge between people from all walks of life. In Foundations, follow four individuals with varied fishing backgrounds as they come together for the first time to fish Montana’s Bighorn River and learn from one and another. A film by John Jinishian.




"Wide Open" - Official Selection, 2016

Film Overview: In search for what is pound for pound the hardest pulling fish in the ocean, anglers Mark Martin and Alex Beck set out on an adventure in Mark's home waters off the coast of San Diego, California. Muscle, speed, and adrenaline are the genetic strengths of yellowfin tuna, and could they also experience the tug of the elusive bluefin tuna on the fly? Join them in their adventure of reel screaming, rod bending, heart pounding action to see if tuna really can claim the title of the hardest pulling fish in the saltwater world. A film by Anglers Eye Media.




"Arctic Unicorns" - Official Selection, 2016

Film Overview: Char (fish species of the Salvelinus genus) represent some of the most beautiful fish species on the planet. Follow our adventure as we chase Brook Trout, Arctic Char, and some of the most rare and beautiful Dolly Varden in existence (unicorns). Travel to some of the most breathtaking landscapes of British Columbia, Alaska, and the Arctic Circle. The hunt for the most colored up, circus clown salmonids EVER, begins now! A film by Western Waters Media.




"Gold Fever" - Official Selection, 2016

Film Overview: Gold Fever is when you get the taste of gold and you will stop at nothing to get more! Jobs, relationships, obligations are disregarded. The only thing you can think about is another nugget. In this case those nuggets are huge wild brown trout from the heart of the Mother Lode in the Sierra Foothills of California. A film by Burl Productions.




"Good As Ever" - Official Selection, 2016

Film Overview: People say that fly fishing has changed. Some even say the Internet is ruining the sport. The way we see it...it's as good as ever. A film by Nathan Leavitt & Nate Gunn.





Thu, Apr 28 2016 - 7:30pm - 10:00pm

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