Greedy Lying Bastards

“The title says it all in this blistering attack on politicians, propagandists, dissemblers and other climate-change deniers. No longer taking the relatively polite approach of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, and with the help of Greenpeace, scientists and farmers who speak freely about the disastrous impact of hurricanes and drought, director Craig Scott Rosebraugh creates a sense of urgency that’s difficult to shake.
“Giving several opponents the opportunity to hang themselves with their own deceptive language, Rosebraugh establishes a debate-style approach that can be explosive. Even more effective are the episodes in which Rosebraugh bears witness to the human cost of a Colorado Springs fire or a flood that leaves only debris and shocked victims in its wake. Footage of hurricanes Sandy and Katrina is especially dramatic. A Greenland episode frankly makes the case for unprecedented disaster.
“As billionaires use their money to deny that climate change is here, or an American presidential candidate mocks climate worries in a key speech, solutions seem very far away.” - Seattle Times

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Greedy Lying Bastards

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