Hyena Road

"Afghan drama one of the best Canadian war movies ever... a subtle indictment of the hubris that leads Westerners to think they can 'manage' the Middle East." - Toronto Sun

Remembrance Day screening: Free admission for veterans. “Canada’s complicated military involvement in Afghanistan has created a broad canvas just waiting to be explored. For now, we have Canadian filmmaker Paul Gross’s intense and riveting thriller Hyena Road, a nimble blend of suspense, action and philosophizing that is an engrossing rebuttal to the sense that only Hollywood can do big, kinetic entertainment.

“The film features Mr. Gross as a wily Canadian intelligence operative who recruits a Canadian sniper, played by Rossif Sutherland, as well as his associates into a scheme to win over a mysterious Afghan freedom fighter. But it does not go well and Mr. Gross is unflinching in depicting how bad it gets with harrowing, tense consequences so suspenseful they almost hurt to watch. This is recommended viewing.” - Ian Bailey, Globe & Mail


No screenings currently scheduled.

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