La La Land

“In La La Land, the frequently paired Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone deliver genuine movie-star turns as Sebastian and Mia, two struggling aspiring artists — he a jazz musician, she an actress — who would be considered young in just about any universe outside of Hollywood, but find themselves running out of time against the unforgiving ticking clock of showbiz that says if you haven’t made it after a few years, you might as well go home.

“La La Land is set in the present day, but it often seems to be taking place in another era. Sebastian and Mia often break into song or engage in delightfully choreographed dance numbers, as the “real world” fades into the background and we are welcomed into a dreamlike fantasy.

“Gosling and Stone are magical together. J.K. Simmons and Rosemarie DeWitt lend their grace and presence to minor but memorable roles. John Legend manages to make us forget he’s John Legend as Sebastian’s former music partner

“Writer and Director Damien Chazelle’s script is hopeful and sweet and clever and rich. His direction is innovative and captivating. Linus Sandgren’s cinematography is Oscar-level.
It’s simply wonderful.” - Chicago Sun Times


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