Marinoni: The Fire in the Frame

Back by popular demand! "An important record of a significant figure in Canadian cycling." Top 10 at Hot Docs!

“Giuseppe Marinoni is a revered bicycle craftsman whose frames are highly admired and desired. When he’s not in his workshop, he’s likely feeding his chickens, tending his tomatoes or foraging for mushrooms. It’s clear this tailor turned cyclist is happy alone and sees no point in someone documenting his life. But as 75-year-old Marinoni attempts to set a world record for distance cycled in one hour for his age group, he begrudgingly allows his training to be recorded (though he continually questions and tests the crew). Slowly, a reluctant relationship between filmmaker and subject develops while Marinoni nears his record-setting goal. Perhaps this aging perfectionist respects director Tony Girardin’s dogged determination, or maybe he just gets a kick out of Girardin’s iPhone and its ability to translate Italian phrases. One can’t help but admire the zeal of this charming curmudgeon, making this a life-affirming character study of a rare artist.” Alexander Rogalski



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