Molly's Game

"Words and cards are dealt in equal hand with Aaron Sorkin's poker drama, featuring Jessica Chastain at the center of a compelling film about fame, power and empathy." - USA Today

Oscar-nominated: Best Adapted Screenplay “Aaron Sorkin’s distinct verbal cadences have been so recognizable in a zillion movies and TV shows, it’s strange to think that he’s never directed any of them himself. Rise-and-fall poker tale Molly’s Game finally changes that. It’s a real-life story about a regular high-stakes game for business execs and Hollywood elites. Unsurprisingly, the one-upmanship among arrogant gamblers and big cheeses fits effortlessly into Sorkin’s universe, resulting in a wild ride with smarts to burn.

“We meet soon-to-be-ex-Olympic-skier Molly Bloom (a terrific Jessica Chastain) moments before a freak accident curtails her career. Following her recovery, she halts her law school plans and moves to L.A., where a shady businessman (Jeremy Strong) offers an intro to his underground poker games. From there, Molly—provocatively costumed to intimidating effect—takes over, upgrades the client list and unwittingly gets mixed up with organized crime. When the FBI raids her home, she hires ethically torn New York lawyer Charlie Jaffey (Idris Elba) to run her defense.

“A sharply judged edit stitches together three separate timelines, shaping Molly as a complex and razor-sharp character in a world dominated by entitled mansplainers.” - Time Out


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