"Is Neruda a cinematic play, a poem, a biopic? In this near-perfect homage to a literary giant, it's all open to interpretation." - Globe & Mail

"For anyone who believes that poetry and democracy spring from the same source and provoke the same enemies, this movie provides both encouragement and warning." - New York Times

“Chilean director Pablo Larrain is on a hero’s quest to destroy the conventional biopic it seems. He turns the story of a poet on the run, into a thrilling meditation on authorship in Neruda.

“The story of Pablo Neruda is already compelling on its own, but Larrain manages to go beyond the specifics and get to their essence through powerfully and uniquely cinematic storytelling. Larrain is not interested in dramatizing a Wikipedia page, but getting to the truth in spite of the facts. In this way, even though he explains relatively little, he reveals quite a lot.
Neruda was and is that rarest of creatures — a popular poet of the people. His communist affiliation made him an enemy of the state in post-WWII Chile, however, forcing him into exile in 1948.

Neruda is more interested in the ineffable experience than reality, or making you forget you’re watching a movie.” - Salon

"A virtual fireworks show about the power of poetry and fame on the world." - Entertainment Weekly


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