Roger Waters The Wall

"One of the most successful and grand concert spectacles ever created, Roger Waters' The Wall is given the cinematic treatment it deserves." - Consequence of Sound

“The documentary Roger Waters The Wall seamlessly stitches together footage from several different 2013 performances of the live stadium show in which ex-Pink Floyd member Roger Waters and his band played music from the 1979 album The Wall. Interspersed footage shows Waters taking a road trip across Europe to visit war memorials and graves personally significant to him.

“The spectacular stage show is a jaw-dropping extravaganza involving light projections and massive puppets, during which a huge wall is constructed onstage and demolished over the course of an evening. The material from the original double-LP concept album, almost entirely written by Waters, has already been commemorated on film twice. By all accounts, the most recent iteration of the 2010-2013 Wall Live stage show used even more elaborate stagecraft than earlier versions, deploying state-of-the-art equipment to turn the wall built throughout the performance into a huge screen on which archive material and new animations are projected, while ginormous inflatable puppets and fireworks make pop-up appearances throughout. As is standard practice now at stadium concerts, cameramen onstage film the musicians at closer quarters for the projections, and these seem to match up to cutaways in the film.

“The film is really all about Waters: his pain over the WWII death of the father he never knew, his paranoia, his bad marriage, his talent (he duets with projected, 1980 footage of himself at one point) and, above all, his grandiose feelings of empathy for victims of war.” - Hollywood Reporter


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