The Dark Side of Oz

You've never experienced the Wizard like this. One Show Only.

A Princess Cult Classic. Take one part The Wizard of Oz, and one part Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. Mix well. Enjoy.The twister, the witches (Wicked and Good), the the Lion, the Scarecrow, theTin Man, theWizard, and, of course, the flying Monkeys are all here, but not like you’ve seen them before!

(Want to see The Wizard of Oz? It plays Family Day, Feb 19 at 4:45)

Experience the synchronicity as we pair up the classic 1939 film with the classic 1973 album and see what happens. Whether you believe that Pink Floyd recorded the album with this purpose in mind or not, it’s still an experience that you don’t want to miss.



No screenings currently scheduled.

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