The Grand Seduction - CFD

Canada Film Days Opening Night Film - Introduction by CBC-KW's Craig Norris at May 1 screening.

Introduction by Catherine Fife at May 2 screening.

Opening Night After Party - Ethels Lounge - 114 King St. N. Waterloo

The residents of a once-thriving Newfoundland coastal town are having trouble finding a way to make a living since the collapse of the fishing industry. They're thrilled when a plastics manufacturer proposes to set up shop—until they find out the contract requires a resident doctor.

The villagers decide to woo Dr. Lewis (Taylor Kitsch), an ethically suspect cosmetic surgeon temporarily banished to the physician-starved seaside. Without revealing their plan, they take up the doctor's beloved sport of cricket, falling all over themselves in an effort to persuade him that their sleepy hamlet is loaded with cosmopolitan sophistication.

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