Sept 13 - Sept 19: Supercrawl Weekend = Super Movies! Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, Luce, Push & More!


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Hamilton's favourite festival weekend just got even better! It's the Playhouse's first year in Hamilton during Supercrawl and we're so excited for everyone to make the trip from James N. down Barton to Sherman and visit the Playhouse! 

Screening this weekend is the new film (and his 9th, so his 2nd last according to him) from Director Quentin Tarantino, Once Upon a Time In Hollywood. Catch it Saturday & Sunday at the Playhouse with 910pm screenings both nights! It's going to be busy, so get your advance tickets below! 

Quick mention, Friday the 13th... 910pm with our final screening (for now) of Midsommar - Director's Cut! Get your spook on! 

Luce is a new flick that opens with us this weekend (Friday at 650pm) and the cast is straight-up stacked! We've got Octavia Spencer, Naomi Watts and Tim Roth joining forces in this contemporary thriller, which critics are calling... "One of the thorniest high-school films you’re likely to see, “Luce” is about simmering racial tensions in a suburb and how fake smiles can cause them to boil over." - New York Post 

Housing needs to be a human right, and no documentary shows that better than PUSH, screening this weekend at the Playhouse. "Push is a rude and necessary wakeup call to the state of fair housing around the world." - What She Said. We know this is an issue near and dear to Hamilton's heart, so checking out this doc will provide light on an issue we need informed on. 

Keep in mind the documentary, Honeyland returns Friday at 450 if you've been meaning to catch that one. Music Monday's return to the Playhouse on the 16th with a special screening of the classic Bob Dylan flick, Don't Look Back. And art lovers, you're going to love this news, on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week we're continuing our Exhibition on Screen series continues with Exhibition on Screen: Rembrandt.

See you at the movies! Enjoy Supercrawl! 


"Tarantino's brand of classical moviemaking is a thrill to behold." - Minneapolis Star Tribune

After a career of celebrating, dismantling, and reviving every corner of cinema history he can find, master filmmaker and provocateur Quentin Tarantino finally turns his attention to the movie business itself.

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"Luce feels like a rarity. A thriller that succeeds with a relatively small scale. With brilliant performances, it poses questions to its characters and audience that make both feel uncomfortable and question our identities." - Film Inquiry

Sundance favorite Luce is an unnerving psychological thriller that forces us to examine our ideas about race, class, and privilege in America.

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“A frightening, effective call to action, anger, and concern, Fredrik Gertten’s look at the global housing crisis in Push should give viewers further pause and a more comprehensive view of an issue that goes well beyond gentrification.

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"Unencumbered by voiceover or any sort of forced narrative, the result is an intimate and riveting look at Dylan unfiltered, a portrait of the artist as a 24-year-old superstar." - Times

“Caught on the brink of his transformation from folk singer to rock idol, the 24-year-old Bob Dylan glides through D.A. Pennebaker's classic documentary, the pale, slightly chilly calm at the center of a media whirlwind. 

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“Rembrandt is so high in the ranking of great artists that our amassed reverence has sunk like syrup into the brown and gold surfaces of his paintings.

“There he is in the first room of this startling exhibition, gazing back from his self-portraits, a sage and infinitely gentle soul: Rembrandt the master. Then the curators pull a hidden lever and the floor disappears.

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Presenting the Director's Cut. 24 extra minutes that recontextualizes the film. THEATRICAL ONLY presentation. The Director's Cut will not be available on future bluray or DVD releases. See it while you can!

Presenting the official director’s cut of the acclaimed sophomore feature from Ari Aster (Hereditary). These special screenings are THEATRICAL ONLY: The Director's Cut will not be included in the bluray/DVD release. 

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"Pavarotti's larger-than-life personality shines in almost every scene. The singer's optimism is contagious, and his schoolboy-like wonder is jubilant. There's a lot to smile at here." - New York Times

From the filmmaking team behind the highly-acclaimed documentary THE BEATLES: EIGHT DAYS A WEEK — THE TOURING YEARS, this riveting film lifts the curtain on the icon who brought opera to the people. Academy Award winner Ron Howard puts audiences front row center for an exploration of the world’s best-loved tenor.

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“Pamela B. Green, best known for her work as a title sequence director and designer, makes her feature debut with Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blache, a scrupulously well-researched documentary about one of early cinema's greatest pioneers and the world's first woman filmmaker.

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“As a Canadian Egyptian and a Muslim, entrepreneur Tarek Mounib has a lofty goal: to unite Muslims and those Americans who fear them. The documentary Free Trip to Egypt offers no judgment of anyone on either side; instead, it celebrates the opportunity for the two groups to find common ground.

No screenings currently scheduled.

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