Sept 6 - Sept 12: First Week of School is Over, Time For Film! Aquarela, Midsommar: Director's Cut, David Crosby & More...



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Now that the kids are back to school, it's time to bring back movie date nights! And boy, oh boy do we have a great line-up of films this weekend. 

Looking for plans Friday night? We've got you covered with our outdoor movie screening at Woodlands Park in Barton Village, come at sundown to wrap up the season with a free screening of Avengers: Endgame.

Opening this weekend, we have a very special-presentation of Midsommar: Director's Cut, with 24 extra minutes that re-contextualizes the film. THEATRICAL ONLY presentation, the Director's Cut will not be available on future bluray or DVD releases. See it while you can!

Aquarela, also new to the Playhouse this weekend, takes audiences on a deeply cinematic journey through our relationship with water. This documentary will re-connect you with nature, provide intense and insightful visuals all while not leaving the comfort of your cinema seat. 

Teach Your Children, That Music is Love! Yep, David Crosby fans might love those two songs, so if you're a fan, don't miss the classic-rock documentary, David Crosby: Remember My Name, which is continuing this weekend at the Playhouse. Grab advance tickets now! 

Speaking of music, this weekend we're bringing back the Leonard Cohen documentary, Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love. If you're feeling the music spirit, don't miss out! 

You may have heard the news, Epic Books in Hamilton on Locke Street are opening their second location AT the Playhouse! Not only that, but Epic Books are celebrating their 10th Anniversary with us on the 10th, come down and enjoy the festivities for free! 

Tickets are moving fast so don't forget to get them to see MARGARET ATWOOD: LIVE IN CINEMAS at the Playhouse on the 10th with Epic Books. Come see the release of THE TESTAMENTS, Margaret Atwood's highly anticipated sequel to THE HANDMAID'S TALE unfold on the big screen! 

Look for the return of the bee documentary, Honeyland next week and the opening of the housing-crisis documentary, Push as well!

Aren't you glad the kids are back to school? Don't forget to scroll down and see what movies are coming soon to the Playhouse! 

As always, grab your advance tickets below and see you at the movies! 


“Shot in high definition at 96 frames per second, this eyepopper from Russian director-writer-cinematographer-editor Victor Kossakovsky is like nothing you’ve ever seen. His free-form documentary on water opens by scaring us to death.

No screenings currently scheduled.


Presenting the Director's Cut. 24 extra minutes that recontextualizes the film. THEATRICAL ONLY presentation. The Director's Cut will not be available on future bluray or DVD releases. See it while you can!

Presenting the official director’s cut of the acclaimed sophomore feature from Ari Aster (Hereditary). These special screenings are THEATRICAL ONLY: The Director's Cut will not be included in the bluray/DVD release. 

No screenings currently scheduled.


"Remember his name? The dude is unforgettable, now more than ever thanks to this film's excellent, incandescent illumination." - Globe & Mail

“In David Crosby: Remember My Name, A.J. Eaton’s moving and elegiac rock-nostalgia documentary, David Crosby appears before us as an older and wiser hippie troubadour, his signature long locks and frontier mustache now white, his spirit chastened but still keyed to the muse of his holy boomer-rock self.

No screenings currently scheduled.

On Tuesday September 10, the wait will be over... THE TESTAMENTS, Margaret Atwood's highly anticipated sequel to THE HANDMAID'S TALE, will be revealed. The momentous literary event will be celebrated with an exclusive cinema event, captured live and broadcast later that same evening -- as Fane Productions present an evening with the Canadian novelist, poet, literary critic and inventor.


Special presentation. Panel discussion to follow.

Get tickets. “A frightening, effective call to action, anger, and concern, Fredrik Gertten’s look at the global housing crisis in Push should give viewers further pause and a more comprehensive view of an issue that goes well beyond gentrification.

No screenings currently scheduled.


"Honeyland has become one of the most talked about documentaries of the year, and it's not hard to see why." - The Gate

“The opening frames of Honeyland are so rustically sumptuous that you wonder, for a second, if they’ve somehow been art-directed.

No screenings currently scheduled.


"With a softened lens, British documentarian Nick Broomfield adoringly examines a fascinating relationship in a fascinating time that saw Cohen transition from a poet to a world-class songwriter." - Globe & Mail

Return engagement! “The Greek island of Hydra was Eden for a group of 1960s free-love artists and intellectuals who flocked to an idyllic paradise with sun-dappled beaches, cheap living and plentiful mind-expanding drugs to turn on, tune in, drop out.

No screenings currently scheduled.


"Luce feels like a rarity. A thriller that succeeds with a relatively small scale. With brilliant performances, it poses questions to its characters and audience that make both feel uncomfortable and question our identities." - Film Inquiry

Sundance favorite Luce is an unnerving psychological thriller that forces us to examine our ideas about race, class, and privilege in America.

No screenings currently scheduled.


"Tarantino's brand of classical moviemaking is a thrill to behold." - Minneapolis Star Tribune

After a career of celebrating, dismantling, and reviving every corner of cinema history he can find, master filmmaker and provocateur Quentin Tarantino finally turns his attention to the movie business itself.

No screenings currently scheduled.

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