Best NEW Parking area for Princess patrons are the 2 lots on adjacent corners at Regina and Bridgeport. FREE for 3 hours and close to either Princess Cinema.

NEW! (as of Sept. 1, 2017) parking is FREE in all City surface lots after 5:00pm, including the Library lot.




We play host to over 200 special or private events at the Princess Cinemas annually!

All 3 Princess Cinema auditoriums are available to rent for events of all types. This includes private screenings, corporate events, promotional screenings, shareholder meetings, staff appreciation days, business functions, film festivals, press screenings, benefits, film clubs, private parties, birthday parties, even film shoots and yes the odd wedding or proposal!

We are unable to facilitate theater rentals on Friday or Saturday evenings.
Theatre rental spots are staffed by at least one manager, to handle technical needs and a box office/snack bar person. More staff are supplied depending on the event

Film rental rates:

Cinema Capacities

Princess Twin - Cinema 1: 145 people

Princess Twin- Cinema 2: 135 people

Original Princess Cinema: 180 people



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