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Sat. Nov. 3, 8pm, Original. Online tickets now on sale!

“That’s always been my mission,” says Les Stroud, environmentalist, musician, filmmaker, and creator and star of the groundbreaking TV series Survivorman. “To reconnect people to nature. To get them to celebrate and protect nature.” As the host of the Discovery Channel’s Survivorman, Les Stroud entertained viewers with his immersive approach to the wilderness, but the Canadian-born Stroud also spreads his nature-first message via music, releasing his own albums of guitar and harmonica-based blues, folk and rock songs.

Get tickets online! Even in his album titles, you can hear the fusion of Harry Manx’s “Indian folk melodies with slide guitar blues”. From “Wise and Otherwise” to “Mantras for Madmen” and “Om Suite Ohm”, Manx takes us on a blues, folk music, and Hindustani classical music journey. Having studied for five years in India with Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, the inventor of the 20-stringed mohan veena, Manx has adopted this mystical instrument as his signature sound.

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