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L'Histoire de Manon
Inspired by L'Abbé Prévost’s legendary heroes, Kenneth MacMillan expresses his fascination for offbeat characters and dramatic subjects. The choreographer faithfully follows the novel’s plot and reconstructs the tragic story of the sensual yet naïve creature who...
June 12 - Princess Twin
Marinoni: The Fire in the Frame
“Giuseppe Marinoni is a revered bicycle craftsman whose frames are highly admired and desired. When he’s not in his workshop, he’s likely feeding his chickens, tending his tomatoes or foraging for mushrooms. It’s clear this tailor turned cyclist is happy alone and sees no...
Apr 29-May 5 - Original Princess
TrueWild: Kluane
Artist Cory Trépanier straps an easel to his back and steps into the Yukon wild for a month to explore Kluane National Park & Reserve’s untamed beauty on canvas.
May 14, 2015
The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
“You don’t do a movie about two drag queens and a transsexual traveling in an old school bus halfway across Australia without loading on the sequins and making cinematic use of the awesome outback.
June 6 & 7 - Original Princess
All The TIme in The World
Director in attendance May 3rd!  “Director Suzanne Crocker’s documentary chronicling her family’s experiences when they went 'off the grid' in 2010 in the Yukon wilderness for nine months is as fascinating and inspiring as it sounds."
May 3-6 - Original Princess
Ballet 422
“In Ballet 422, director Jody Lee Lipes chronicles New York City Ballet soloist and choreographer Justin Peck’s attempt to architect the company’s 422nd production.
June 3 & 4 - Original Princess
“Watching Baraka, a nonverbal symphony of exquisite images, you experience a feeling of intense empowerment. As one spectacular image follows another, nearly every one lucid and sharp and magnificent, you feel as if you can go anywhere and see anything.
June 20 & 21 - Original Princess
Being Canadian
This doc is incredibly pro-Canadian. A warm, funny, patriotic examination of the greatest (and often most overlooked) country in the world. Director Rob Cohen, goes on a personal quest to find out what it really means to be Canadian. At the end of the movie, and his journey, the audience will have...
May 7 - Original Princess
Clouds of Sils Maria
“Recalling the best movies about actors, Clouds of Sils Maria is a bonbon spiked with wit and malice. It's also a penetrating look into the female psyche, a specialty of critic-turned-filmmaker Olivier Assayas, who wrote Juliette Binoche her first starring role in 1985's Rendez-vous.
May 8-17 - Original Princess
Do You Believe?
“In a spiritual version of Crash, 12 people come together — each with a different level of belief. The only common bond for them is a small wooden cross handed out to a congregation by a pastor who realizes even he might not be living his life as a true believer.
June 13 & 14
Elephant Song
“What goes on inside the mind of a madman? It’s a question that has spawned many a movie character. Quebec director Charles Binamé hinges his engaging new film Elephant Song on the premise.
May 2-4 - Original Princess
Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me
“Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me is an affecting documentary of the musician’s final tour – a string of shows that celebrated his career but also showed him in a steep cognitive decline caused by Alzheimer’s disease. Early in the film we see him consulting with a Mayo Clinic...
May 22-27 - Original Princess
Goin' Down the Road
“Hailed as a landmark film upon its release, Don Shebib’s first feature film is widely recognized as marking the beginning of the film industry in English Canada.
May 7 - Original Princess
Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief
“Though the lid was blown off the Church of Scientology long ago, Alex Gibney’s powder-keg documentary, Going Clear, should certainly rattle the walls.
June 5-10 - Original Princess
The Hunting Ground
“Director Kirby Dick has gone from examining sexual assaults in the military in 2012's The Invisible War to investigating rapes on college campuses. His is an impassioned and well-researched film that will incite outrage.
May 20 - Original Princess
Live music in the middle of a pine forest ... welcome to Jamland. This documentary premiere explores a grassroots music festival and the stories behind some of the people involved. The screening will be followed by live performances. TICKETS ON SALE NOW VIA JAMLAND.TV
June 11
Kingsman: The secret Service
“Kingsman: The Secret Service is a lively, dashing and amusing motion picture that smartly spoofs and slyly celebrates the James Bond spy-film franchise.
May 8-18
Lambert & Stamp
“James D. Cooper's colorfully incisive documentary Lambert & Stamp answers the obvious question "Who were Lambert & Stamp?" before proceeding to pose the considerably trickier "Were Lambert & Stamp the Who?"
May 29-June 2 - Original Princess
Late Night Double Feature
PREMIERE SCREENING - DIRECTORS, CAST, AND CREW IN ATTENDANCE “In Late Night Double Feature, two short films are embedded as part of ‘Doctor Nasty’s Cavalcade of Horror’, a cheap and localized television showcase hosted by the debauched Doctor Nasty. FEATURE depicts the...
May 2 - Original Princess
“Christian Petzold’s stunning Phoenix is an amazing piece of work that transcends historical document to become art. Using the filmic language of noir, Petzold crafts a story of a culture caught in the aftermath of horror.
May 15-21 - Original Princess
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