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A Clockwork Orange
A part of our Cult Cinema series In a futuristic Britain, a gang of thugs (droogs) controlled by one young man, Alex, run rampant - perpetrating rape, muggings, beatings galore. Eventually Alex is captured, subjected to experimental treatment to cure him of his anti-social tendencies, and released...
April 4 & 5 - Original Princess
Reel Paddling Film Festival 2015
Advance Tickets available Online!
March 26
International Fly Fishing Film Festival 2015
This is our 3rd year hosting this unique touring celebration of the sport and art of fly fishing. The International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4), consists of a feature length presentation of short and medium length films produced by professional filmmakers from all corners of the globe,...
April 23
Don Giovanni / Mozart
Filmed at 2014 Salzburg Festival
Mar 7 & 8
FAUST / Paris Opera
The emblem of French opera, one of its greatest successes and its memory. Gounod recalled having the book by Goethe by his side throughout his youth, even in the gardens of the Villa Medici where he was a boarder.
April 12
L'Histoire de Manon
Inspired by L'Abbé Prévost’s legendary heroes, Kenneth MacMillan expresses his fascination for offbeat characters and dramatic subjects. The choreographer faithfully follows the novel’s plot and reconstructs the tragic story of the sensual yet naïve creature who...
The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Now that his first venture, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel for the Elderly and Beautiful, has only a single remaining vacancy—posing a predicament for fresh arrivals)—Sonny (Dev Patel) has his eye on a promising property for expansion.
March 6
The Babadook
A part of our Indie Horror series
Mar 25 & 26 - Original Princess
"Cake is delicious stuff — low key but affecting, funny while tragic, quirky but never so bizarre it loses you. This is the kind of movie that captures a viewer and holds them while slowly unveiling its story.
Mar 10-12 - Original Princess
The Duke of Burgundy
"Peter Strickland’s The Duke Of Burgundy risks attracting exactly the wrong crowd. For one thing, there’s no duke in the movie. Indeed, there are no men at all. For another, while the film’s central relationship involves sadomasochism, and its overripe imagery mimics softcore...
Mar 20-24 - Original Princess
The Family Farm
Hosted by the National Farmers Union - Ontario Director Ari Cohen will be present for the showing of his film.
Mar 6 - Original Princess
It Follows
Part of our Indie Horror series
Apr 1 & 2
The Price We Pay
“This well-crafted documentary from director Harold Crooks offers a concise, engrossing and occasionally infuriating overview of the ways multinationals avoid taxes by stashing profits in offshore havens — and in the process, seriously undermine the ability of governments to provide...
Mar 17-19 - Original Princess
“Hope is an open wound in Siddharth, the story of a man's search for his missing son.
Mar 20-26 - Original Princess
A part of our Cult Cinema series
Mar 28 & 29 - Original Princess
The Princess Bride
A part of our Cult Cinema series.
Mar 21 & 22 - Original Princess
Wild Tales
“An unusually raucous highlight of this year's Cannes Film Festival, Argentine director Damián Szifron's six-part comedy anthology, Wild Tales (Relatos Salvajes), boasts a slicker sheen and a much higher batting average than most films of its ilk, with each revenge-minded...
Mar 27-Apr 2 - Original Princess
The Backward Class
“Around one in four people in India are tagged as “untouchable,” living in poverty and with minimal opportunity to earn a life above squalor. The Shanti Bhavan school hopes to break the cycle of disadvantage for a select few, preparing them for good careers.
March 27-31 - Original Princess
Mean Girls
A part of our Cult Cinema series.
Mar 14 & 15 - Original Princess
Taxi Driver
A part of our Cult Cinema series. “Travis Bickle drives cabs all night. He can't sleep. But what he sees whilst cruising the NY city streets he finds so disgusting that it drives him to a climactic moment of violence, which some may deem equally disgusting.
Mar 7 & 8 - Original Princess
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