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Live From New York!
“We don't go on because we're ready; we go on because it's 11:30.”
June 12 at the Twin
The Water Diviner
Opens May 29th at the Twin! "Rarely does a movie pull you in so quickly and so deeply as The Water Diviner. This is one from the heart for Russell Crowe, making an impressive feature-directing debut at 51.
May 29 at the Twin
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
"This film isn't just good, it's amazing. This isn't just a kid-with-cancer movie for film nerds, this is a sublime love letter to the Criterion collection, and the best riff on Harold and Maude since Rushmore.
June 26 at the Twin
L'Histoire de Manon
Inspired by L'Abbé Prévost’s legendary heroes, Kenneth MacMillan expresses his fascination for offbeat characters and dramatic subjects. The choreographer faithfully follows the novel’s plot and reconstructs the tragic story of the sensual yet naïve creature who...
June 12 - Princess Twin
The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
“You don’t do a movie about two drag queens and a transsexual traveling in an old school bus halfway across Australia without loading on the sequins and making cinematic use of the awesome outback.
June 6 & 7 - Original Princess
Ballet 422
“In Ballet 422, director Jody Lee Lipes chronicles New York City Ballet soloist and choreographer Justin Peck’s attempt to architect the company’s 422nd production.
June 3 & 4 - Original Princess
“Watching Baraka, a nonverbal symphony of exquisite images, you experience a feeling of intense empowerment. As one spectacular image follows another, nearly every one lucid and sharp and magnificent, you feel as if you can go anywhere and see anything.
June 20 & 21 - Original Princess
Do You Believe?
“In a spiritual version of Crash, 12 people come together — each with a different level of belief. The only common bond for them is a small wooden cross handed out to a congregation by a pastor who realizes even he might not be living his life as a true believer.
June 13 & 14
Live music in the middle of a pine forest ... welcome to Jamland. This documentary premiere explores a grassroots music festival and the stories behind some of the people involved. The screening will be followed by live performances. TICKETS ON SALE NOW VIA JAMLAND.TV
June 11
Lambert & Stamp
“James D. Cooper's colorfully incisive documentary Lambert & Stamp answers the obvious question "Who were Lambert & Stamp?" before proceeding to pose the considerably trickier "Were Lambert & Stamp the Who?"
May 29-June 2 - Original Princess
The Riot Club
“The eponymous Riot Club is a centuries-old private dinner club in which debauchery is raised to an art form. The group, which consists of 10 members, needs 2 more to continue the spectacle, and they enlist recruits: Miles (Max Irons), who’s closer to middle class than high society, and...
May 29-June 4 - Original Princess
Saint Laurent
“Bertrand Bonello’s glossily intuitive vision of the life of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent is pure haute couture. The result does a better job than its predecessor of celebrating Saint Laurent’s flamboyant artistry.
June 19-22 - Original Princess
The Salt of the Earth
“In The Salt of the Earth, Wim Wenders' subject is Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado, who in his first on-screen utterances describes the moment he first saw a massive Brazilian gold mine. The scene — 50,000 laborers climbing ladders. Not a machine anywhere — put him in...
June 5-10 - Original Princess
Sugar Coated
From Emmy-nominated and Gemini Award-winning filmmaker Michèle Hozer (Shake Hands with The Devil: The Journey of Roméo Dallaire), Sugar Coated is an eye-opening feature documentary that examines the various tactics that has many health experts calling sugar the new tobacco.
June 23-25 - Original Princess
Sunshine Superman
“Marah Strauch’s Sunshine Superman is a vertigo-inducing film. It’s a portrait of Carl Boenish, considered the founder of BASE jumping, and his wife, Jean. Carl filmed many of his exploits himself and is often shown with a camera mounted on his helmet.
June 12-18 - Original Princess
Welcome to Me
“Borderline personality disorder turns out to be more of a laughing matter than it probably should be in “Welcome to Me,” a strange and often startlingly inspired media/mental-illness comedy.
June 19-25 - Original Princess
White God
“How does a touching girl-and-her-dog movie turn into a blood-soaked tale of vengeance and revolt? Brilliantly, that's how, in Kornél Mundruczó's White God.
June 12-17 - Original Princess
Yalom's Cure
“Irvin D. Yalom, world-famous psychiatrist and author of numerous best-sellers, is considered to be the most influential psychotherapist in the US. A million copies of his books have been sold the world over. Yalom’s Cure is more than just a simple biography; its power resides in its...
June 18 - Original Princess
While We're Young
Noah Baumbach’s sensational satirical drama “While We’re Young” is, finally, a movie for grownups to run out and see. This movie is all about the way we live now.
May 1, 2015
Status Quo? The Unfinished Business of Feminism in Canada
Feminism has shaped the society we live in. But just how far has it brought us, and how relevant is it today? Status Quo? asks these questions and uncovers provocative - at times shocking - answers about the evolution of women's equality in Canada.

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