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Deconstructing the Beatles: Revolver
In Deconstructing The Beatles’ Revolver, composer/producer Scott Freiman takes Beatles fans young and old into the studio with The Beatles as they create their seminal 1966 album, Revolver.
Sept 7 & 8 - Original Princess
Deconstructing the Beatles: Rubber Soul
In October 1965, The Beatles were faced with an impossible task—produce a new album of original music for a Christmas release. Within one month, The Beatles had emerged with what many consider to be one of their greatest albums—Rubber Soul.
Sept 20 & 21 - Original Princess
See the documentary & then see Brian Wilson presents Pet Sounds at Centre in the Square (Sept 18). The latest addition to the acclaimed & award winning Classic Albums series tells the story behind the making of The Beach Boys ground breaking album Pet Sounds.
Sept 12 - Original Princess
Dreamshare Uganda Presents a special screening with the Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy live on stage
Sept 14 - Original Princess
13 Minutes (Elser)
“The German historical drama 13 Minutes opens with the sound of strenuous human grunting, accompanied by the regular ticktock of a mechanical timer. It’s Nov.
Sept 8-13 - Original Princess
All the Rage: Saved by Sarno
“All the Rage is a documentary that has found itself one fascinating subject — Dr. John Sarno. Dr. Sarno, who specialized in rehabilitation medicine at New York University before retiring, has posited for decades that many types of chronic pain, particularly back pain, are caused by...
Sept 19 - Original Princess
Abba: The Movie
“ABBA: The Movie is a documentary/concert film with a fictional skeleton that holds the film together. When radio DJ Ashley Wallace (Robert Hughes) gets the impossible assignment to interview ABBA during their Australian tour, Ashley follows ABBA from city to city in a vain attempt to get...
Aug 24 - Original Princess
Certain Women
“In the third act of Certain Women, a solitary Montana ranch hand drives into town pursuing another young woman, a lawyer she recently met. While she’s standing in a law office, one of the film’s other central characters walks through the scene on her way to work.
Sept 8-13 - Original Princess
“When Ian Curtis, lead singer of the Manchester-based, post-punk band Joy Division, killed himself at age 23 in 1980, everything in the band's brief (two album) history suddenly became pregnant with portent.
Aug 31 - Original Princess
David Gilmour: Live at Pompeii
“David Gilmour has announced a one-night-only theatrical screening of his new concert film, Live at Pompeii, for September. The movie documents the guitarist's pair of July 2016 shows at the Pompeii Amphitheatre in the ancient Roman city, where his former band Pink Floyd played 45 years...
Sept 15 - Original Princess
“There’s a Romany word for the turmoil and trauma that Étienne Comar’s Django is set against: porajmos. It means ‘the devouring’. This apt and terrible term is used to describe the abrupt disappearance and systematic murder of gypsies in Europe.
Sept 1-7 - Original Princess
Hare Krishna! The Mantra, the Movement and the Swami Who Started It All
“Hare Krishna! tells the story of the spiritual movement’s founder, Srila Prabhupada, who came to the United States in 1965 at age 70 with practically no money or connections. Settling in New York City, he began delivering lectures interpreting ancient Sanskrit texts at locations that...
Sept 15-17 - Original Princess
Ingrid Goes West
“Ingrid Goes West features Aubrey Plaza playing a lonely young woman obsessed with Elizabeth Olsen's "influencer" in this comedy-drama directed by feature debutant Matt Spicer, whose script with David Branson Smith won the screenwriting award at Sundance.
Sept 15-21 - Original Princess
Look & See: A Portrait of Wendell Berry
“Wendell Berry is difficult to classify. “Some people would think he’s a novelist and some think he’s an essayist and some think he’s a poet — and it kind of drifts off into nothing in particular,” his wife, Tanya Berry, says with a laugh toward the end of...
Aug 30 - Original Princess
“You may not know much about 20th-century art manifestos, but you’ll know what you like with Cate Blanchett’s stunning turn as 13 wildly diverse characters who explore them in Manifesto.
Aug 25-28 - Original Princess
RUMBLE: The Indians that Rocked the World
“It’s been a terrific few years for music documentaries, and that winning streak continues with Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World. “The film examines the influence of Native Americans on popular music. What at first seems like a thin topic — quick, name two Native...
Aug 31-Sept 7 - Original Princess
Viceroy’s House
“Bend It Like Beckham director Gurinder Chadha winds back the clock to the eve of Indian Partition for Viceroy’s House, a big-hearted upstairs-downstairs drama. The upstairs is as high as you could go in 1947 India: Lord Louis Mountbatten (Hugh Bonneville) is the last viceroy of India.
Opens Sept 22 - Original Princess
André Rieu’s 2017 Maastricht Concert
Set against the stunning medieval backdrop of the town square in André’s Dutch hometown, the spectacular Maastricht concert features the maestro in his element, along with his 60-piece Johann Strauss Orchestra, sopranos, tenors and very special guests. André delivers an...
The Last Dalai Lama?
Opens the Twin Sept. 8! Twenty-five years after his first film about the 14th Dalai Lama, director Mickey Lemle takes you right up close to the Tibeten holy one's presence — and wisdom. But will China crush his legacy?
Sept. 8 - Twin

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