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Madame Bovary
Opens July 17 at the Twin! "Sophia Barthes’ Madame Bovary is a beautiful period adaptation of Gustav Flaubert’s novel that deals with its complicated heroine in a way that is both understanding and honest. The cinematography truly stands out as the star, making this film into a...
July 17 at the Twin
The Dark Side of Oz
A Princess Cult Classic. Take one part The Wizard of Oz, and one part Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. Mix well. Enjoy.The twister, the witches (Wicked and Good), the the Lion, the Scarecrow, theTin Man, theWizard, and, of course, the flying Monkeys are all here, but not like you’ve...
July 16 - Original Princess
"The penultimate film of documentarian Albert Maysles — he also shot In Transit aboard a Chicago-to-Seattle train before passing away in March at the age of 88 — does not feature his most famous subject; few outside the New York fashion scene will know the name Iris Apfel. But it...
King John: Stratford HD
About The Play War is the inevitable result when the King of France demands that John relinquish his crown in favour of his nephew, the young Prince Arthur. Excommunication, attempted atrocity, rebellion and assassination all contribute to a political and personal turmoil that finds devastating...
July 9th & 12th at the Twin
Antony and Cleopatra: Stratford HD
About The Play Reason and judgement prove no match for the tsunami of mutual passion engulfing Mark Antony, one of the three joint rulers of the Roman republic, and Cleopatra, the seductive queen of Egypt. Surrendering everything to their desires, they open the floodgates to a civil conflict that...
Aug 6th & 9th at the Twin
Apocalypse Now
“No deleted scenes, just a straight remaster and reissue for the relatively lean, unrelentingly mean original cut of Coppola’s massive man-on-a-mission masterpiece. It’s remarkable how slick and streamlined the film feels: five guys in a boat, and the river only goes one way.
July 23 & 25
Banksy Does New York
Co-presented by Loop Clothing
Aug 12 & 13 - Original Princess
Co-presented by Loop Clothing
July 31-August 3 - Original Princess
Harold and Maude
Part of our ongoing Cult Cinema series.
July 19 & 21 - Original Princess
How To Change The World
“Before it was the world’s largest activist organization, Greenpeace was the love child of an eclectic group of Vancouver neighbors (journalists, scientists, and hippies). United in their opposition to a U.S. atomic test on an Alaskan island, they sailed an aging fishing boat straight...
Aug 14-19 - Original Princess
I Am Big Bird: The Carrol Spinney Story
SPECIAL SCREENING WITH LOCAL PUPPETEER BANJO PUPPETS ON SITE WITH PUPPETS FOR SALE “Profiling the unseen puppeteer who has inhabited the feathered, 8-foot-tall creature that has long personified Sesame Street for some 45 years, I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story shines a much-deserved...
Aug 5 - Original Princess
Infinitely Polar Bear
“Precocious kids, a dad out of his depth, the overtly funky fabrics of late-'70s furniture and clothing: These are often the stuff of indie nightmares. Yet Maya Forbes's autobiographical directing debut, containing all of the above, avoids these pitfalls, arriving at a comic tale that...
July 24-Aug 2 - Original Princess
With introduction by Thom Ernst • A 40th anniversary treat
Aug 27 - Original Princess
Jimmy's Hall
"Ken Loach has taken a despicable episode of modern Irish history — the 1933 deportation without trial of one of its own citizens, James Gralton — and made a surprisingly lovely, heartfelt film from it with “Jimmy’s Hall.” A thematic sequel of sorts to his Cannes-...
Aug 7-13 - Original Princess
Love & Mercy
“The Beach Boys. For some, the name of the band says it all. But as the surf music masters headed into the mid-'60s, something was cresting and breaking beneath the impossibly rich harmonies of one of America's most iconic pop groups.
July 19-26 - Original Princess
A Lego Brickumentary
“A nonfiction B-side to February's surprisingly charming The Lego Movie, Daniel Junge and Kief Davidson's A Lego Brickumentary introduces the uninitiated to some of the more unexpected ways the little snap-together bricks have been used in the 60-plus years since their creation....
Aug 8 & 9 - Original Princess
La Passion d’Augustine
“Ever since The Sound of Music, movies, music and nuns are a match made in heaven. In her new film La passion d’Augustine, Léa Pool doesn’t let Céline Bonnier frolic quite as much as Julie Andrews, but the Swiss-Québécoise director manages to strike a...
Aug 22-26 - Original Princess
A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence
“Roy Andersson, a Swedish director with a style totally unlike anyone else’s, has the mind of a museum curator. Each of his shots— static, meticulously arranged, with both foreground and background space usually in sharp focus—operates like its own exhibit, inviting eyes to...
July 17-20 - Original Princess
“Following the runaway success of The Intouchables, French writing-directing duo Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache return with Samba; a more-serious-than-not cross-cultural romance starring Omar Sy as a Senegalese dishwasher with feelings for the immigration caseworker (Charlotte Gainsbourg)...
Aug 21-26 - Original Princess
Suite Française
“This is a handsome and intelligent adaptation of the writings of Irène Némirovsky – the Russian-born French writer who died in Auschwitz and whose two unpublished novellas emerged in 2004 as one book, ‘Suite Française’.
July 29-Aug 5 - Original Princess

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