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Table 19
Ex-maid of honor Eloise (Anna Kendrick) - having been relieved of her duties after being unceremoniously dumped by the best man via text - decides to hold her head up high and attend her oldest friend's wedding anyway.
Mar. 3 - Twin
Hidden Figures
The inspirational true story of the first female African-American mathematician, Katherine Johnson (Taraji P.
La La Land
A soaring achievement, 'La La Land' is a perfectly old-fashioned musical made for totally modern audiences. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone sing and dance their way through one of the most beautiful depictions of Los Angeles ever seen on screen, playing two lovers chasing each other and their...
“His name is Paterson, and he drives a bus in Paterson, N.J., covering a route that takes him over a bridge above Paterson Falls — the latter immortalized in William Carlos Williams’ epic poem, “Paterson,” which is set in a city with a long history.
Mar 10-18 - Original Princess
Toni Erdmann
“Toni Erdmann is a tough film to explain. It aims to confound, to discombobulate, to make you laugh and wonder what exactly you think is so amusing—to re-evaluate things, in short. That’s the goal of both the film and the title character, a parody persona adopted by an eccentric...
Mar 3-9 - Original Princess
Celtic Soul
KICK-OFF EVENT FOR THE IRISH REAL LIFE FESTIVAL “Riffing on the intimate two-men-in-a-car approach of The Trip and The Trip To Italy without the metafictional touches, Celtic Soul is a charming venture.
March 10 - Original Princess
Land of Mine
“Written and directed by Martin Zandvliet, Land of Mine takes place just after World War II. And a key part of its plot involves not hardened combat veterans but young teenage boys, kids really, some no older than 15.
Mar 3-7 - Original Princess
All Governments Lie
“Canadian documentary All Governments Lie lucidly argues that powerful interests have been creating supercharged fake stories for decades to advance their own nefarious interests. And the institutional media have too often blithely played along.
Mar 8 & 9 - Original Princess
Bitter Harvest
“Based on one of the most overlooked tragedies of the 20th century, Bitter Harvest is a powerful story of love, honor, rebellion and survival as seen through the eyes of two young lovers caught in the ravages of Joseph Stalin’s genocidal policies against Ukraine in the 1930s.
Opens Mar 17 - Original Princess
Best Worst Thing That Ever Could Have Happened...
“A love letter to the theater—and a deeply poignant one at that—Lonny Price’s sentimental documentary Best Worst Thing That Ever Could Have Happened… is a bittersweet gem.
Mar 14 & 15 - Original Princess
I Am Not Your Negro
Based on an unfinished book by memoirist James Baldwin, this superb documentary charts the history of black activism during the civil rights movement. Nominated for Best Documentary (Feature) Oscar.
Feb. 28- Twin
France, 1897. Georges, a.k.a. Footit, is a white clown in a traveling circus who’s struggling to reinvent himself. He comes up with the idea of teaming with Katanga, a black clown who is the son of a former slave. As a white clown acting as a figure of authority with the black clown as a...
Francois Gautier (Dany Boon) is the ultimate cheapskate, refusing to spend money on anything to the point of obsession. However, his frugal lifestyle is turned upside down when he a girl and a baby enter the mix.
My Life as a Zucchini (Ma Vie de Courgette)
Relying on stop motion animation, My Life as  a Zucchini (Ma Vie de Courgette), Claude Barras charming children tale, was the opener of the Directors Fortnight series at the 2016 Cannes Film Fest. Oscar-Nominated for Best Animated Film (Feature).
A United Kingdom
"Amma Asante’s follow-up to Belle tells the story of Ruth Williams and Seretse Khama, whose courtship and subsequent marriage scandalized both their nations in the years after the Second World War: she was a London commoner, and he was in line to become king of Bechuanaland, the nation...
March 10 - Twin

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