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The Killing of a Sacred Deer
"A mysterious tale of family tragedy, revenge and atonement unfolds with the poker-faced poise of Stanley Kubrick and the kind of mannered dialogue that might have been written by Harold Pinter. There are times when it seems ridiculous yet you can’t tear yourself away from it.
Big Time
“Bjarke Ingels reveals the demands of being one of the world's most successful architects, and its impact on his personal life and health, in the new documentary BIG Time.
Dec 13 & 14 - Original Princess
Darkest Hour
“Joe Wright directs this undeniably exciting and beguiling account of Winston Churchill’s darkest hour in 1940, as Hitler’s forces gather across the Channel, poised to invade. This is not so much a period war movie as a high-octane political thriller: May 1940 as House Of Cards,...
Opens Dec 22 - Original Princess
The Breadwinner
“The premise recalls Mulan but The Breadwinner is no Disney trinket. The animated film based on Canadian author Deborah Ellis’s book grapples with violence and other abuses inflicted on women by the Taliban, ultimately finding hope in an 11-year-old girl’s strength and resilience.
Dec 15-21 - Original Princess
Professor Marston & The Wonder Women
“Long before Wonder Woman was a big cardboard multiplex cutout, she was a comic-book dazzler whose heroic encounters involved bondage, homosexuality and other ostensibly aberrant behaviors. Professor Marston and the Wonder Women is Angela Robinson's fascinating and admirably adult true-...
Dec 15-21 - Original Princess
The Shape of Water
"'Well, the first thing is that I love monsters. I identify with monsters.'
Dec 22 - Twin
The Disaster Artist
Tommy Wiseau’s debut (and only) feature THE ROOM - a would-be epic about love, betrayal, and a room - has become a bona fide cult cinema icon in the decade since its release, playing midnight shows regularly around the world. Its fans adore it in ways not seen since THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE...

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