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Saint Joan - National Theatre Live
Gemma Arterton is Joan of Arc, broadcast live from the Donmar Warehouse. Bernard Shaw’s classic play follows the life and trial of a young country girl who declares a bloody mission to drive the English from France. As one of the first Protestants and nationalists, she threatens the very...
June 25 & 27 - Twin
Beatriz at Dinner
Beatriz (Salma Hayek), an immigrant from a poor town in Mexico, has drawn on her innate kindness to build a career as a health practitioner in Southern California. Doug Strutt (John Lithgow) is a real estate developer whose cutthroat tactics have made him a self-made, self-satisfied billionaire.
June 30 - Twin
Alone in Berlin
“Alone in Berlin’s story comes from a novel inspired by true-life events. Otto (Brendan Gleeson) and Anna (Emma Thompson) were among the majority of the German populace that never officially joined the Nazi party but toed the line, offering no resistance.
July 7-13 - Original Princess
“Andrei Tarkovsky started work on an adaptation of Stanisław Lem's philosophical science-fiction novel, Solaris, in 1968 in an attempt to find a popular cinematic subject. After the usual labyrinthine negotiations with the Soviet authorities over the script, what emerged was a space film...
July 5 & 6 - Original Princess
“Andrei Tarkovsky is one of those names that strikes a certain intimidating foreboding in even the heartiest, most adventuresome of moviegoers, a filmmaker who is arguably more respected than deeply known. The rereleases of two of his films, 1979’s Stalker and 1972’s Solaris, may...
July 18 & 19 - Original Princess
Lady Sings the Blues
“Based on Billie Holiday's autobiography, Lady Sings the Blues begins in the early 1930s in Baltimore, where the teenaged Billie (Diana Ross) is raped and then sent to New York to stay with a friend of her mother's. In Harlem she works first as a maid, and later in a brothel.
July 20 - Original Princess
The Journey
“The Journey seems like your typical buddy movie, though with one significant twist. The film’s central characters aren’t cliché Hollywood cops, they’re the true-life warrior politicians who negotiated the landmark 2006 peace agreement in Northern Ireland, winding...
July 21-27 - Original Princess
Deconstructing the Beatles (White Album)
“Composer Scott Freiman’s love for The Beatles runs so deep, he’s considered one of the world’s foremost Fab Four scholars.
July 27 - Original Princess
A Bag of Marbles
“Christian Duguay’s Un Sac de Billes is the second time the best-selling autobiographical novel has been brought to the big screen coming over forty years. Duguay’s film is beautifully shot and boasts fine performances from its two main actors aged just 17 and 12-years-old.
July 28-31 - Original Princess
“When David Lynch's Eraserhead was released in 1977, another of the '70s "midnight movies" that won fanatical repeat audiences, it still stood apart. It had a mesmerizing look and soundtrack, bizarre images that rattled, upset and fascinated audiences. And still do.
Aug 2 - Original Princess
The Wedding Plan
“The Wedding Plan is not your mother’s rom-com, even if it may start out that way. Michal (Noa Koler) is a 32-year-old Orthodox Jewish woman in Jerusalem whose fiancé, Gidi, announces that he doesn’t love her.
July 7-10 - Original Princess
The Lovers
“The course of true love never did run smooth, especially when your 30-year marriage is on the rocks and rising tensions have led both of you to extramarital affairs. For proof, see The Lovers, an acrid satire about marital resignation, desperation and boredom in late middle age.
June 30-July 6 - Original Princess
The Hero
“In The Hero, Sam Elliott claims the center stage, in a role that often slyly invokes his iconic stature and voice.
July 14-20 - Original Princess
“Tanna depicts a land far removed from western society.It’s titled for and filmed in a South Pacific island, in the nation of Vanuatu, where an active volcano rages, patriarchies rule and rival tribes offer brides as peace offerings. Marriage for love is forbidden.This runs counter to...
July 28-30 - Original Princess
Exhibition on Screen: Michelangelo: Love and Death
“As perhaps the greatest artist there has ever been – and as one of the most fascinating and complex personalities of his era – Michelangelo is a thrilling subject for serious as well as dramatic cinematic documentary treatment.
July 25-27 - Original Princess
A Ghost Story
“As lovely, mysterious and cosmic as horror movies get—A Ghost Story marshals an eerie hush from the start. In its early scenes, we see a house, squarely situated behind a generous front lawn. Inside it dwell two thirtyish marrieds, nameless throughout, played by Casey Affleck and...
Opens August 4 - Original Princess
Strange Brew
“Famous Canadian characters Bob and Doug McKenzie were created and played by comedy greats Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas respectively, as a response to CBC telling SCTV that it had to have more explicit Canadian content on the show.
July 1 - Original Princess
Monterey Pop (4K Restoration)
“California’s Monterey Pop made rock festivals a genuine happening in the “Summer of Love” of 1967, two years before muddy upstart Woodstock electrified Max Yasgur’s field.
July 13 - Original Princess
The Dead Zone
“Joining the listshock-oriented directors who have filmed novelist Stephen King’s horror and suspense yarns, David Cronenberg turned The Dead Zone into an accomplished psychological thriller in 1983.
July 16 - Original Princess
Cézanne et Moi
“Cézanne et Moi is the story of the lifelong friendship between Paul Cézanne and Émile Zola; and nothing about it was easy. Zola enjoyed fairly early success as a novelist, but not until he’d spent long years almost freezing and starving to death.
July 20-24 - Original Princess

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