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A Clockwork Orange
A part of our Cult Cinema series In a futuristic Britain, a gang of thugs (droogs) controlled by one young man, Alex, run rampant - perpetrating rape, muggings, beatings galore. Eventually Alex is captured, subjected to experimental treatment to cure him of his anti-social tendencies, and released...
April 4 & 5 - Original Princess
International Fly Fishing Film Festival 2015
This is our 3rd year hosting this unique touring celebration of the sport and art of fly fishing. The International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4), consists of a feature length presentation of short and medium length films produced by professional filmmakers from all corners of the globe,...
April 23
FAUST / Paris Opera
The emblem of French opera, one of its greatest successes and its memory. Gounod recalled having the book by Goethe by his side throughout his youth, even in the gardens of the Villa Medici where he was a boarder.
April 12
L'Histoire de Manon
Inspired by L'Abbé Prévost’s legendary heroes, Kenneth MacMillan expresses his fascination for offbeat characters and dramatic subjects. The choreographer faithfully follows the novel’s plot and reconstructs the tragic story of the sensual yet naïve creature who...
It Follows
Part of our Indie Horror series. "Jennifer Kent's The Babadook turned parenthood into the scariest story of all, and now comes David Robert Mitchell's IT FOLLOWS, which merges paranoia and teen sexuality into an exercise in delicious dread." (Star Telegram)
Apr 1 & 2
“Screenwriter Gregory Burke and first-time feature director Yann Demange have made a cracking movie debut with ’71, a behind-enemy-lines war movie reeking with bad blood and bad faith, perhaps best described as an action-conspiracy thriller. The film is set in west Belfast in the early...
April 10-23 - Original Princess
Blade Runner - The Director's Cut
A part of our Cult Cinema series “Ridley Scott's Blade Runner has seen five major iterations, from a 1982 work print used for test screenings through a 2007 cut released to theaters as "The Final Cut."
Apr 18 & 19 - Original Princess
The Breakfast Club
A part of our Cult Cinema series
May 2 & 3 - Original Princess
A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night
A part of our Indie Horror series “Combining horror, film noir and westerns, Ana Lily Amirpour’s debut feature, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night is a refreshing take on vampire lore.
Apr 8 & 9 - Original Princess
Let's Get Lost
“A fan letter, a film noir, a study in self-deprecation… This is simply the finest jazz documentary ever made. Bruce Weber clearly idolises a subject who personifies the fading ’50s Beat spirit, but trumpeter Chet Baker refuses to expose his soul.
Apr 16 - Original Princess
Living is Easy With Eyes Closed
“Beatles fans will recognize the title of David Trueba’s award-winning Spanish dramedy as the first line of John Lennon’s “Strawberry Fields Forever.” It’s an appropriate title for Trueba’s smart and delightful movie, which follows the touching travels of a...
Apr 3-9 - Original Princess
Marinoni: The Fire in the Frame
“Giuseppe Marinoni is a revered bicycle craftsman whose frames are highly admired and desired. When he’s not in his workshop, he’s likely feeding his chickens, tending his tomatoes or foraging for mushrooms. It’s clear this tailor turned cyclist is happy alone and sees no...
Apr 30-May 5 - Original Princess
Merchants of Doubt
“Merchants of Doubt might be described as a sequel to the Oscar-winning doc, An Inconvenient Truth. It is made by the same company and is again looking at the issues of climate change and global warming. But this new documentary brings a very different perspective.
Apr 4-9 - Original Princess
Miss Julie
“Liv Ullmann’s screen version of August Strindberg’s 19th-century drama is an austere, pared-down take that  allows actors Jessica Chastain, Samantha Morton and especially Colin Farrell to shine.
Apr 10-15 - Original Princess
“Author Michael Bond’s unfailingly polite, marmalade-munching English teddy from Darkest Peru—gets a gloriously whimsical big-screen debut that’s closer to the madcap spirit of the Muppets and the lovingly rendered style of a Wes Anderson film than to standard multiplex...
Apr 17-19 - Original Princess
Sunshine on Leith
“Dexter Fletcher's Sunshine on Leith is a sprightly and unabashed adaptation of the much-loved stage show, spinning a Mamma Mia!-style narrative around the songs of the Proclaimers.
Apr 17-29 - Original Princess
“African director Abderrahmane Sissako takes on tragedy of the absurd in Timbuktu, a masterful and heartbreaking account of religion trumping humanity. Elegantly composed as drama, but wreathed in real-life events, the Oscar-nominated film presents the title city, located in the West African...
Apr 24-29 - Original Princess
"Consider it a gentler, family-friendly version of Whiplash, Damien Chazelle’s critically acclaimed music-prodigy-meets-despotic-mentor movie, which netted J.K. Simmons an Oscar for best supporting actor last month.
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