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Roadmap to Apartheid
FREE SCREENING • PRESENTED BY CINEMA POLITICA AND WPIRG In this award-winning documentary, the first-time directors take a detailed look at the apartheid analogy commonly used to describe the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Nov 26 - Princess Twin
To Shoot an Elephant
Sept 24 - Princess Twin
The One I Love
Please note - due to a scheduling error, the 9pm screening of The One I Love on October 2 that is advertised int he film guide will be delayed to 9:25pm. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Sept 27-Oct 2 - Original Princess
The Tempest
Inspired by reports from the English colonies in the West Indies and imbued with a spirit of magic and the supernatural, The Tempest is a great masterpiece of forgiveness, generosity and enlightenment.
Sept 27 & 28 - Original Princess
Modern Tide: Midcentury Architecture on Long Island
Part of the Art, Design & Architecture series Co-Presented by Whiting Design
Sept 29 - Original Princess
Surprise Movie Night 2014
Tickets on sale now! Buy online. Join us on Thursday October 2, 2014 for the exclusive pre-release screening of a SURPRISE movie!
October 2 - at both Princess Cinemas
Night Moves
Night Moves is a slow-burning suspense thriller about a trio of eco-terrorists conspiring to blow up a dam, directed by Kelly Reichardt with the concision and elegance of a chess master.
Oct 3-8 - Original Princess
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is the best and brainiest blockbuster of the summer, the kind of movie you hope for when you pay your money and buy your popcorn.
Oct 5-8 - Original Princess
Part of the Art, Design & Architecture series Co-Presented by Carry on Comics
Oct 6 - Original Princess
Aguirre, The Wrath of God
Werner Herzog’s mad masterpiece from 1972 still has its hallucinatory charge. Its star, Klaus Kinski, terrorised his fellow cast and crew, and in its own way ‘Aguirre’ has become cinema legend (director Herzog says the only way he could keep Kinski on the set after one outburst...
Oct 9 - Original Princess
To Have and Have Not
“To Have and Have Not introduces Lauren Bacall, in her first film. She’s an arresting personality. She can slink, brother, and no fooling!
Oct 9 & 12 - Original Princess
20,000 Days on Earth
An aptly intense and innovative study of pioneering rock poet Nick Cave, “20,000 Days on Earth” playfully disguises itself as fiction while more than fulfilling the requirements of a biographical documentary.
Oct 10-14 - Original Princess
In socially conscious Brit comedy-dramas of the late 1990s, like The Full Monty and Billy Elliot, exuberant self-expression provided a temporary antidote to the death of industries and the suffocation of the working-class communities that depended on them for their livelihood.
Oct 10-22 - Original Princess
From Nothing, Something
Part of the Art, Design & Architecture series Co-Presented by Overlap Associates
Oct 13 - Original Princess
Reservoir Dogs
Please note: The print film guide erroneously lists the October 16 screening as being at 9:10PM. 10:00PM is the correct time on October 16.
Oct 16-19 - Original Princess
The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out a Window and Disappeared
This screen adaptation does full justice to the acclaimed book of the same name, transforming it into a winningly absurd, freewheeling fable that comes close to being a Swedish Forrest Gump.
Oct 17-23 - Original Princess
Llyn Foulkes One Man Band
Part of the Art, Design & Architecture series Co-Presented by KW|AG
Oct 20 - Original Princess
Cobra Verde
Werner Herzog's grand theme has long been the quixotic struggle of heroically deluded humans against the implacable powers of the natural world. In Cobra Verde, that unmanageable force of nature is undoubtedly Klaus Kinski.
Oct 23 - Original Princess
The Notebook
Set in a small border village over the course of World War II, Hungarian curio The Notebook is unlike any war film you’ve ever seen. Its central characters are twin boys, named only in the credits as One (András Gyémánt) and Other (László Gyémá...
Oct 24-29 - Original Princess
Love is Strange
New York-based filmmaker Ira Sachs (Keep the Lights On) creates a special kind of urbanity: softer and more inclusive than Woody Allen's, openly gay but family-focused, alive to the city's tensions and lulls. His latest movie, in the hands of most other directors, might have felt like a...
Oct 24-29 - Original Princess
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