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Black Sabbath: End of the End
“Black Sabbath chronicle their triumphant final concert in the documentary The End of the End.
Nov 2 - Original Princess
Expo 67: Mission Impossible
“The title may seem grandiose but it’s surprisingly apt. Little known fact: Montreal lost its third bid to hold a World’s Fair in March 1960 to Moscow (by one vote!) only to be awarded it in November 1962 when the Russian capital withdrew.
Oct 23 - Original Princess
An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power
“This follow-up to An Inconvenient Truth, Davis Guggenheim’s Oscar-winning doc from 2006, is a reboot that justifies its existence — and not just because Al Gore has fresh news to report on climate change since his previous multimedia presentation.
Oct 20 & 21 - Original Princess
Integral Man
“Integral House is an architectural marvel in Toronto built by Jim Stewart, a music lover who made a fortune writing calculus textbooks. Director Joseph Clement's debut film functions as both an inspiring tour of the home and a moving profile of Stewart, who gave architects Brigitte Shim...
Oct 30 - Original Princess
Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House
“We historicize Watergate as an era-defining triumph of investigative journalism over political corruption, but those who lived through it know the exposé and its astonishing outcome were the result of years of dogged work — work that could never have been done without the...
Opens Nov 3 - Original Princess
Painting the Modern Garden
“Here is another enjoyable stroll around a major exhibition, with the now-familiar mixture of curatorial insights and detailed context, put together with well-practised ease by director David Bickerstaff.
Nov 1 & 2 - Original Princess
“Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the celebrated sisterly duo behind the Rodarte couture label bring much of their singularly striking, busy aesthetic to the screen in Woodshock.
Oct 20-26 - Original Princess
Saturday Church
Working single mother Amara leaves her two boys at home with domineering Aunt Rose, and Rose has her eyes on the older son, Ulysses. Stealing nylons, wearing his mother’s shoes: Ulysses is just beginning to explore his identity and sexuality.
Two Soft Things, Two Hard Things
An exploration of what happens when a remote Arctic community decides to hold an LGBT2Q+ pride celebration. Two Soft Things, Two Hard Things provides insightful historical grounding on how colonization, religion, forced migration, and cultural assimilation have impacted gender and sexuality in...

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