The Doom Generation

Newly remastered and restored! "Slick and outrageous and subversively funny" -Boston Globe

“A Heterosexual Movie by Gregg Araki”

Teens Jordan White (James Duval) and Amy Blue (Rose McGowan) pick up a handsome drifter named Xavier Red (Johnathon Schaech). Red tends to create combustible situations -- for example, a trip to a convenience store leads to a clerk getting decapitated. Afterward, the trio voyages through small-town America, where Amy is accosted by various men claiming to be her lovers, and she and Jordan find themselves drawn to Xavier. But can any amount of sex lift the sense of doom hanging over them?

"The Doom Generation is Araki's boldest -- and best -- movie yet, his most blatantly offensive, his most sexually explicit and by far his bloodiest." -Miami Herald

"It’s a savagely funny ride fueled by Araki’s insight and blunt compassion." -Rolling Stone


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