Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many people can each theatre hold?

Princess Twin - Cinema 1: 145

Princess Twin - Cinema 2: 135

Original Princess Cinema: 180


Q: Can we rent the cinema to play video games on the big screen?

Yes! You can rent one of the cinemas at the Twin and play video games on the big screen through our 2K Christie Digital projectors.

However, with our current projection set-up, video game systems must be placed in the projection booth. This works great with bluetooth wireless controllers, but means wired set-ups, like those needed for the Wii, or other motion sensor games, can not be facilitated at this time.

Q: Can I show a video or film that I created myself?

You can definitely show a film that you have created yourself! The best way for us to do this for you is for you to burn your presentation to a drive or a bluray that can play and looks good on your bluray player at home. This way we know it will work on our players here, and it locks the formatting so we know it will display properly through our projectors. We do like to double-check them though, so we will ask you to bring your disc or drive in a few days in advance for us to test.

Q: Can I show a powerpoint presentation?

Yes, Cinema One at the Princess Twin is set up to handle powerpoint presentations, though you do need to bring in your own laptop. We also like to run a tech test for powerpoint presentations, so we will ask you to come in ahead of time with your laptop, and to make sure you know how to set your laptop to output to a projector.

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