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Painting the Modern Garden
“Here is another enjoyable stroll around a major exhibition, with the now-familiar mixture of curatorial insights and detailed context, put together with well-practised ease by director David Bickerstaff.
The Booksellers
Bibliophiles unite! Step inside the leather-and-musk-scented world of New York City’s rare book world, an eclectic crew of wheelers and dealers dedicated to preserving history one musty tome at a time. Behold books bound in human flesh, accounts of polar expeditions containing tufts of real...
The Whale & The Raven
Can you really put a price tag on entire eco-systems once they are gone? That’s one of the main questions asked by anxious observers in The Whale and the Raven, written, directed, and shot by Mirjam Leuze.
Oscar-nominated director Benh Zeitlin’s follow up to his breakout hit Beasts of the Southern Wild, this is a daring reimagining of the Peter Pan mythology. Re-focusing the narrative to the female protagonist’s view, we are transported along with her to a world beyond our wildest...
Fantastic Fungi
“‘We are the wisdom of a billion years,’ Brie Larson dreamily narrates over what is not a new Marvel epic but rather a documentary of epic proportions about what director Louie Schwartzberg hopes everyone comes to view as a genuinely earthly marvel: mushrooms.
Mystify: Michael Hutchence
"Snake-hipped INXS frontman Michael Hutchence defies plenty of rock ’n’ roll stereotypes in this snappily told and ultimately tragic doc. The Aussie rocker had it all – looks, stadium gigs, supermodel girlfriends, villas in Provence – but died at 37, troubled and alone.

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