Current and Upcoming Events

Every Wednesday, 1:00pm at the Twin. Cine Babies is presented by the Princess in partnership with Balancing from Birth to Baby

Sept 26 - The Children Act

Oct 3 - TBA

Oct 10 - The Wife

Oct 17 - Colette

Cine Babies is a movie program for new parents (and their friends and family) to attend with their infants. Films will be presented with a lowered volume to protect sensitive infant ears, as well as dimmed lights and convenient amenities like change tables and bottle warmers.

See a new movie every week and stay connected with other new parents in the area. Join us! New titles updated weekly. Stay tuned!

Tickets on sale now! Sept 26, 7:30pm, Original. ALL NEW FILMS!

The Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour presents over 2 1/2 hours of the most enthralling mountain adventure films that will have you planning your next adventure before the credits roll.

Featuring a selection of short films from the week long Banff Mountain Film Festival in Banff, Alberta, the travelling world tour includes captivating films shot in some of the most wild and remote corners of the world.

Oct. 11, 6:30pm, Twin. Presented by KW Community Foundation

What happens when capitalism and charity intersect? The Invisible Heart tracks the birth of one of the fastest growing social innovations in modern history: social impact bonds. An unorthodox marriage between government services and private-sector investments, this burgeoning financial model promises to solve society’s most complex problems from crime to homelessness—but is it delivering? Set in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K, this compelling documentary follows the unlikely people banding together to battle social inequality.

The post-film Q & A will be moderated by KWCF President & CEO Elizabeth Heald and feature panelists:

Sat. Nov. 3, 8pm, Original. Online tickets now on sale!

“That’s always been my mission,” says Les Stroud, environmentalist, musician, filmmaker, and creator and star of the groundbreaking TV series Survivorman. “To reconnect people to nature. To get them to celebrate and protect nature.” As the host of the Discovery Channel’s Survivorman, Les Stroud entertained viewers with his immersive approach to the wilderness, but the Canadian-born Stroud also spreads his nature-first message via music, releasing his own albums of guitar and harmonica-based blues, folk and rock songs.

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