Two unpopular queer high school students start a fight club to have sex before graduation.

BOTTOMS, a refreshingly unique raunchy comedy, focuses on two girls, PJ and Josie, who start a fight club as a way to lose their virginities to cheerleaders. Their bizarre plan works. The fight club gains traction and soon the most popular girls in school are beating each other up in the name of self-defense. But PJ and Josie find themselves in over their heads and in need of a way out before their plan is exposed.

"An unhinged comedy like few others." -

"In the realm of black comedies unabashedly embracing teen nastiness, Heathers walked so Jawbreaker could run, Mean Girls could fly, and so Bottoms can now proudly land in outer space." - NPR

"I’ve got your back-to-school viewing assignment right here in this queer, dark-comedy send-up of films such as Superbad and American Pie." - Chicago Sun-Times




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