King John: Stratford HD

"If you love Shakespeare and great acting, King John is a must-see." - Toronto Star

"The Stratford HD version of King John is well worth a visit for several reasons.

"First, how many chances do you get to see this relatively obscure history play of Shakespeare’s? Even Stratford has only taken it off the shelf on five occasions in its 63-year history. And while it could be argued that some of it is heavy going, Tim Carroll’s brisk, no-nonsense direction keeps it moving and it has some wonderfully written scenes.

"Second, King John shows that Stratford has a superb acting company. The lead performances from Graham Abbey, Tom McCamus and Seana McKenna are as fine as you’d expect, but every supporting role is treated with class and distinction as well.

"Finally, director Barry Avrich has pulled off quite a coup in filming the first Stratford show from the Tom Patterson Theatre. Conventional wisdom has favoured shows from the Festival or Avon theatres, but the converted curling rink that forms the Patterson allows for some splendid camera work on Avrich’s part.

"Close-ups abound, which not only give the piece an immediate House of Cards kind of feel but let you see how superb the acting is.

"If you love Shakespeare and great acting, King John is a must-see." - Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star

Special Presentation: All tickets $15

Special Member's 'Bring a Friend' (2 For 1) ticket for $20. Save $10!

About The Play
War is the inevitable result when the King of France demands that John relinquish his crown in favour of his nephew, the young Prince Arthur. Excommunication, attempted atrocity, rebellion and assassination all contribute to a political and personal turmoil that finds devastating expression in an anguished mother’s grief for her son.


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