Maria Chapdelaine

"A teen in rural Quebec must decide her future by choosing one of three suitors, in Sébastien Pilote’s moving adaptation of Louis Hémon’s 1913 novel." - TIFF

In 1910, Maria Chapdelaine, a girl of seventeen, lives with her family on the banks of the Péribonka River north of Lac Saint-Jean. The Chapdelaines work tirelessly to push back the limits of the forest. In a home where even physical exhaustion cannot diminish the warmth of family life, Maria, strong and full of hope, finds herself faced with major dilemmas. François Paradis, a former neighbor she has loved since childhood, who has become a free-spirited fur trapper and a guide for strangers, promises to return in the spring to marry her. But when the spring is overdue, two suitors come forward. Lorenzo Surprenant, who works in the factories of Massachusetts, offers Maria a comfortable existence in an American city, and Eutrope Gagnon, their valiant neighbor, asks her to clear with him the land he has taken near the Chapdelaines'. Thrust into the adult world; Maria will suddenly be forced to decide of her future as a woman.

"Pilote's film is a remarkable achievement: intimate yet epic, this Maria Chapdelaine feels as fully realized as an adaptation could be." - Pat Mullen, That Shelf

"With tranquil energy and a sweeping score, Maria Chapdelaine is a film full of love, yearning, and grief through the rosy-cheeked perspective of a girl coming of age." - Sara Clements, Exclaim!


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