"'Remember' features director Atom Egoyan and actor Christopher Plummer operating at the top of their games, delivering an intriguing revenge tale." - Darren Ruecker

"Zev, played by Christopher Plummer, is living in an old age home in New York and starting to lose his mind. His wife of many decades has just passed away, yet every time he awakes her name is on his lips, and he has to be reminded that she is no more.

"Helping Zev deal with his loss is Max (Martin Landau) an old friend with an agenda. He reminds Zev of an agreement they’ve had since before Ruth died; Zev is going to skip town and track down Rudy Kurlander, an 88-year-old German immigrant whose real name is Otto Walisch.

"It was under that name that 'Rudy'ordered the deaths of Zev’s and Max’s families at Auschwitz during the Second World War. The only wrinkle in the plan – aside from Zev’s rapidly deteriorating memory – is that there are four Rudy Kurlanders in North America of the correct age and nationality.

"So, Zev sets out to find his prey. Egoyan keeps the tension high with a Hitchcockianly suspenseful score, heavy on violins and piccolos.

"Meanwhile there is Plummer, now a spry 85, turning in a brilliantly nuanced performance. Zev is a man propelled by vengeance, a sense of justice and world-weariness, itself fueled by the death of his wife and because he’s been on this planet such a long time, dealing with the lingering afterimage of an almost inconceivably brutal event.

"But the details if not their emotional impact are fading in Zev’s mind, giving his quest a Memento-like quality as he reads and re-reads Max’s handwritten note for guidance and reassurance. The Rudys, meanwhile, are a diverse and fascinating bunch; one of them, Bruno Ganz, is remembered for a simmering portrayal of Adolf Hitler in 2004’s Downfall. And Dean Norris (Breaking Bad) stands out as a second-generation Nazi.

"Rest assured this is a delicately crafted and enjoyable film." - National Post



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