Rod the Stormtrooper

Originally launched in 2007, Rod the Stormtrooper is a series of comedies about an over-obsessive Star Wars fan, Rod Panaflex, and his feud with an over-obsessive Star Trek fan, Patrick Fitzpatrick.

After a five-year hiatus, Rod returns September 13, 2015 in an all-new feature-length episode that will see its world premiere at the Princess Cinema in Waterloo.

Tickets on sale online and at the Princess Twin.


"Rod Panaflex is no ordinary middle-aged man who lived with his parents until his early forties.

"Until 2009 Rod was a First Level Imperial Stormtrooper on a quest to serve his Emperor and secure Star Warsʼ reign on the world of Sci-Fi.

"In 2009 a truce was reached with Rodʼs former nemesis, Patrick Fitzpatrick of the Trekkie Movement, and since then there has been peace. That all changed in the fall of 2014.

"With a new Star Wars film coming in 2015, turmoil once again has engulfed the Sci-Fi world, and soon war will begin.

"In a daring heist, a secret copy of the script for 'Star Wars Episode VII' has been stolen, and all evidence points to the culprit being Trooper 6283 of the Stormtrooper Core, Rod Panaflex.

"Rod and his good friend, George Jackington immediately begin searching for the true person behind the theft, knowing that something is afoot. Their quest will lead them to dark places, and reunite them with long-lost friends and enemies…"


No screenings currently scheduled.

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