"Alive in a way that few movies are, 'Roma' is a sumptuous piece of filmmaking, a gorgeous look at life on a grand scale told through the prism of one family." - Detroit News

Nominated for 10 Oscars, incl. Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress. “Alfonso Cuarón is a filmmaker of such up-front humanity, and such commandingly sensual technique, that when you watch Roma, his shimmering black-and-white neorealist slice of life about a middle-class family and its loyal domestic worker in Mexico City in the early ’70s, you get the feeling that every image — every emotion — is perfectly set in place.

“Cuarón shot and co-edited Roma himself, in addition to writing and directing it, and the movie is so naturalistic that it’s like a dramatized documentary. At the same time, Cuarón turns his camera-eye gaze into something heady and aestheticized. He dunks us, moment by moment, image by luminously composed image, into a panorama of the hurly-burly of Mexico City in 1970 and 1971 — the glinting squalor of the streets, the Americanized fragments of pop culture (Creedence vs. the Beatles!), the tatters of class war. He puts us in close quarters with his characters, but he’s also staring at them from a beatific and nearly abstract remove.

“Cuarón has paid indelible homage to the Mexico he grew up in, but in the end it’s not so much a drama as a meditation: a beautiful movie.” - Variety


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