Zero Motivation

“To the panoply of films that explore the banality and inanity of army life, here’s a worthy addition told from a refreshing perspec- tive: that of young women conscripts in the Israel Defence Forces. Writer/directorTalya Lavie, drawing on her own experience of serv- ing compulsory military duty, tells a tale that blends humour, absurdity and tragedy in a tale that is a surprisingly assured feature film debut.

“The story, told in three parts, opens as BBFs Daffi and Zohar arrive at a remote desert base where they become part of a small Kafka-esque administrative unit, overseen by the dedicated and ineffectual Lieutenant Rama , which mostly generates paper and serves the needs of the mostly male officer staff. Daffi dreams of a transfer to cosmopolitanTel Aviv, Zohar fears loneliness and longs to lose her maidenhood, while Rama hopes her dedication will lead to a long and distinguished military career. All of their hopes will be upended.

“All three leads provide wonderfully rich and believable perform- ances and they get some great support.The film offers sharp obser- vations about the macho culture of the Israeli military (and society) while lobbing scads of comic grenades along the way.” -Toronto Star


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